Rose City Archery, Inc.

Leading Manufacturer of Traditional Wood Arrows, Shafts and Building Supplies.

Distributor of Arrow Building Equipment, Supplies and Accessories.

Rose City Archery has recently expanded to include the necessary items for building your own personalized traditional arrows.


Bare Shafts, Stained, Lacquered and/or Lacquered, Crested and Nocked Shafts (LCN) and Assembly Kits:


Building Tools

Taper Tools, Fletching Jigs, Alcohol Burners, glues- Everything you need to build an arrow:

Building Tools

Arrow Points

We offer a variety of traditional tips to choose from:

Tips, Points and Broadheads


We offer cut and dyed turkey feathers that are mostly left wing, shield cut. Parabolic left wing is available in 3 inch only.:

Turkey Feathers

Bohning and Stotler Nocks

Bohning Classic Nocks and Stotler Mid-Nocks both used in traditional archery:


Finishing Supplies

Gasket Lacquer is water proof and flexes with the arrow shaft as it bends and has a beautiful looking finish:

Mix Kit

Finishing Tools

The tools you need to personalize your wood arrows and make them look fanatastic:

Finishing Tools


Our accessories for bows and arrows help with proper shooting, protection, handling & storage, and of course our promotional T-Shirts are just awesome!

Extreme Elite Arrows

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