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Your Healthy Horse Products

Your Healthy Horse product line was designed to make your animal invisible to pestering insects as well as maintaining a clean, shiny and healthy coat. Your Healthy Pet Mist incorporates the same POCO (Port Orford Cedar Oi) as does in our conditioning shampoo to prolong the naturally fresh lemony scent which protects your healthy pet from insects.  

Designed for use on skin/coat for invisibility to fleas, mosquitos, flies and ticks. Use this spray to become invisible so bugs won't know your there.  Great for the outdoor lifestyle, camping and anyone who owns pets. Also makes a great scent eliminator/cover for hunting. Smells like a broken arrow or a cedar tree.  Insects getting the best of your family this summer? Our POCO products keep your life style invisible to bugs, human and pet safe. Our POCO(Port Orford Cedar Oil) formula is chemical free and smells great. Use our cedar cloaking sprays and become invisible to bugs.   

Laboratory Tested, 100% non toxic.

4 oz. Bottle

Comes with either a pop top or spray top.  Applicate with rag thoroughly over animals coat, let dry and applicate a second coat followed by a third coat for most effective use.   Organic Chemical Free All Natural Bug Invisibility, POCO (Cedar Oil Blend) made in the USA.

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