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Traditional Bows

At Rose City Archery we pride ourselves on carrying a versatile line of bows that we feel are some of the best on the market today.

Bear® Archery bows are a work of art and beautiful to shoot.  Whether hunting or target shooting (or both) is your goal, with the array of bows you will find the bow that fulfills your dream as an archery.

Rose City Archery Gonsalves Longbows are custom crafted all wood longbows of classic design.  These bows harness the power and beauty of wood.  Jerry searched long and hard to find a all wood bow he felt he could market under the Rose City name and we feel Gonsalves makes one of the best all wood bows on the market.

Southwest Archery bows are not only beautiful to look at, but affordable fun for the whole family.  Designed by the Engineers of Samick Sage.  We have added some complete packages to get the new archer started on their way to archery fun.