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Letter From the President Jerry Dishion

To My Customers,

Seeing as how I have you here, I have to take this opportunity to vent my thoughts on something that's been bothering me for a while. Is anyone out there offended by the self appointed guru’s who think they are the last word in Traditional Archery? These guys who (after a few years in the archery business) decide for everyone what products we should all use, who go with the flow to where the most money for them is. Ten years ago these same guys would look down there noses at any other arrow shaft but wood, now it’s carbon, fiberglass, aluminum (or whatever the flavor of the day is) shafts and graphite laminations in bows, fast flight strings, GPS and anything to give you that advantage over the animals out there, how fast can you go. These same guys who would rag on Ted Nugent go on hunts where the only goal is to bring back a horn or hide and never eat the animal and then brag about it, something Ted would never do. Seems to me they are Chuck Adams without the stocking cap and grin. These folks want so desperately to put themselves in the same category as Howard Hill, Fred Bear, Gail Martin and Ben Pearson, but they are icons only in their own mind and couldn’t carry the quivers of these men. So while these guys (and a few ladies) frolic around the world on your dime remember that, it is not the bow that makes the archer it’s the mindset, let’s face it “Tradition is the Enemy of Progress”.

We at Rose City Archery will continue to bring to you the best in arrows (Port Orford Cedar) and their components, cataloging only the items we know and use, we have folks who are knowledgeable to talk to and who can help if you need it. Customer service and great products are what we are about; ask any of our customers, who says you can’t please everybody? 

You can now buy direct from RCA, we have been making arrow shafting and other related archery products since 1932 and plan to be here to take care of your arrow needs far into the future. The time has come for us to begin to make completed arrows. We will use only the finest materials in the manufacture of these products and we will only use premium, hand selected RCA Port Orford Cedar shafting.

A couple of years ago I decided that it was time for Rose City to begin to sell directly to the public. We sell through our dealers, the Internet and through advertising in the magazines you folks read all over the world. You are able to buy finished arrows, our finest Port Orford Cedar shafting as well as arrow building supplies from us at a great price and we make it as simple and private as possible for you to do business with us. We also sell completed arrows in all shapes and sizes at prices that can’t be beat. Same day shipping 95% of the time no matter how large the order is.

We offer you completed arrows in either a select painted shaft, w/cresting, solid color shield feathers and a Bohning Classic nock, a Premium shaft clear coated with two wide bands of cresting with highlighted colors, two solid color shield hen feathers with a shield barred cock feather and a Bohning Classic nock. Next comes the Elite with four coats of gasket lacquer, crown dip, two wide bands of cresting with lots of highlights, two colored shield hen feathers with a shield barred cock feather, Bohning Classic nock and they are grain weighed to a plus or minus 10 grains. Finally we have the Extreme Elite with four coats of gasket lacquer, crown dip, two wide bands of cresting with many highlights and two additional bands of cresting under the feathers at the center of the feathers with highlights, three barred feathers (two hen and one cock), Bohning Classic nock and they are grain weighed to a plus or minus 10 grains, plus I sign and date every one (if anyone cares), this is our signature arrow and they are mucho beautiful.

Spine weights range from 30# to 80# depending on diameter; heavier spine weights per diameter are available in a limited quantity. We also have Unspined Kid Arrows available for bows below 30# in 26 ½” and 28 ½” lengths as well as 3 Test Kits that contain 2 arrows each of 4 different spine weights, to help find the perfect spine for your bow.

There are a couple of things you will need to know about the way arrows are made. When the shaft is spine weighed it is done using a method of deflection with an automatic machine that measures to within one ten thousandth of an inch and is very accurate. RCA shafting will, 99.9% of the time be within the five pound increments used in the industry, when you spine a couple of million shafts per year there is no other way to do it, but the machine does not know where the grain on the shaft is, and that can amount up to a two pound difference in the spine weight of a few given shafts. Why am I telling you this? Because if you get your arrows and you have ordered 65/70 # and you receive the arrows and a couple of them spine out to a couple of pounds over 70# it makes no difference, as long as you are above the required spine weight for your bow you will be OK. If you are unsure of the proper spine weight for your arrows please go to our spine selection chart for help, call us, or email us at and we will help.

I was asked recently if hand spined arrows are better, the answer is unequivocally no, spinning a few arrows is no problem, you can go out and spend a hundred dollars or a few hundred to buy a spiner, but why would you do that when you can get shafting at Rose City Archery that is accurate, the computerized equipment we use never takes a break, is never mad at its spouse or hung over, never tired or any of the hundreds of things that will cause a person to screw up the spine weight of your order. The equipment we use has only one job and one job only and that is to spine your arrows and do it accurately. If you have ever spined more than a couple of dozen arrows at a time, very shortly you wish you were somewhere else.

Grain configuration was determined many moons ago and it was not determined by me. The Port Orford Cedar arrow industry, 17 companies, got together and decided that if the grain follows the shaft length for at least twenty one inches that the shaft will be a premium shaft. This method is still in use today.

Plus we offer you all of the arrow building supplies you need if you want to put the arrows together yourself. Points or Broadheads, nocks, glues, feathers, fletching jigs, cresting and dipping paints, Finishing Tools, taper tools, gasket lacquer, grain weighing to a plus or minus 10 grains, other stuff and of course bare shafts. A new product we have to offer is all shafting with four coats of gasket lacquer, these shafts are ready to be crown dipped, crested, feathered and nocked without the mess and smell of having to do the lacquering yourself and we do the dishes for you. We also have A Lacquered, Crested and Nocked (LCN) shaft that is the same as the Premium only arrows without the feathers or the Elite series without feathers. Assembly kits for starting your own arrow making.

This is how it will work if you decide to buy from us. Ground shipping will be included in any arrow/ shaft orders of $35 or more except test kits. If you wish to speed the arrival of your order by agreeing to pay additional shipping charges, you can upgrade to Priority Mail: 2 day air, 1 day air, or UPS -3 or 2 day. We offer a full range of arrow building supplies: feathers, nocks, Points or Broadheads, glue, fletching jigs,an arrow taper tool, please see items for pricing (additional shipping will be added) , we have plenty of options for building your own arrows Assembly Kits or arrow shafts that have been gasket lacquered, crested and nocked (LCN shafts). We can also provide you with shafts coated with four coats of clear gasket lacquer only, so that you don’t have to stink up the house with wet lacquer for only a few shafts, listed as an option on bare shafts.

RCA is now in the business of building target and hunting arrows, we offer four different types of completed arrows: Extreme Elites, Hunter Elites, Hunter Premium and Hunter Select Arrows. All arrows available in dozen counts only and are available with point or broadhead installation option so they are ready to shoot as soon as you receive them or full length ready to cut to your own personal draw length, taper and add Points or Broadheads.

I personally have made over forty million arrows and I think I have a pretty good idea what makes them work. Millions of Traditional Archers all over the world happily use our products and we are sure that you will be pleased when you buy from us. Whether you use our arrows for hunting, targets or stump shooting, Port Orford Cedar is the finest wood in the world for arrow shafts.

Good Hunting,

Jerry Dishion