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Color and Build Information

Colors subject to stock on hand. Pictures represent style only.

If you are concerned about colors, please call us toll free at 1-866-POC-ARROW (866-762-2776) for a description of the colors in stock.


Colors are subject to stock on hand. All sets are matched per dozen, but colors vary, we have quite a few different color combinations. The list below is the color range that we work from.

Crown dipping colors are: Fire Engine Red, Canary Yellow, True Blue, Cream, Black, Olive, Sky Blue, Grey, Blood Red, White, School Bus Yellow, Green, and Orange.

Nock colors are: White, Yellow, Black, Red, Lime or Orange

Highlight colors are generally metallic colors or any of the above cresting colors, Metallic colors: Gold, Copper, Silver, Jade, Blue, Plum.

Feather colors for adult arrows are: Red, Orange, Yellow, White and Blue, all in both Solid and Barred styles, left wing, Shield cut.

Kids arrows- 3 inch Feathers are available in shield cut and parabolic. 2 1/4 is shield cut and solid colors only.

Steel Field Points and blunts are a dark metal to black in color. Eskimo and No Mercy Broadheads are both army green. The rounded target points for kids are a bright silver color.

Build specifications: 

Hunter Select Arrows and kids arrows have select shafts (good quality), all other arrows have premium shafts (great quality).

We apply 3 or 4 coats of a water proof gasket lacquer which flexes with the shafts as they bend. All stained shafts have a coating of clear lacquer over the top. We use the same lacquer that we sell.

Nocks and broadheads are always positioned 90 degrees to the grain so that you are shooting with the full strength of the wood shaft.

RCA arrows have a 10 inch crown dip. Cresting is placed at the juncture of the crown and shaft.

Feathers are left wing only, shield cut and placed 5/8 inch below nock on adult arrows. 1/2 inch below nock on kids arrows.

All adult points and nocks are glued on over tapered ends, 5 degree taper for points, 9 degree taper for nocks. We use RCA Flight Glue for nocks and feathers. Ferr-L-Tite Hot Melt Glue for points and broadheads. Kids rounded target points are crimped on using a special machine and glue.