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KIDS PERFORMANCE ARROWS-for kids who want to take their Archery Skill to the Next Level

Introducing our new Kids Performance Arrows! They're perfect for bows up to 30 pounds in a draw weight. Constructed of quality Port Orford Cedar wood shafts; Less than 30 pound spine weight; grain-weighed to match, 5" Inch Mini Crown dip with a Clear or Stained Shaft. We fletch with 3" Shield or Parabolic cut turkey feathers; barred cock with 2 solid hens. These are for kids who want to take their Archery skill to the next level.  

Refer to the link below if you have any questions about finding your childs draw length.

*If having points installed, shipping may take an additional 1-2 days.

*If you have a preference of Nock Color or Feather Colors, please put in Notes section at Checkout, and we can accommodate you as close we can.* 

Type: Arrows

Vendor: Rose City Archery

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