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Hunter Elite Arrows

Clear or stained & lacquered premium shafts, colored crown dip, exclusive cresting and highlights. You have a choice of feather style, Shield cut or Parabolic Cut: Barred cock feather and 2 solid hen feathers; the fletching is left wing. Classic Bohning nock. Grain weighed to +/- 10. Each shaft is hand-picked for the finest quality of straightness and grain configuration available.

Colors vary, but each set is always matched per dozen

Fantastic Looking Arrows with Crown Dip and Grain Weigh

Does not include points. 

Link to Wooden Arrow Spine Chart

*If you have a preference of Nock Color or Feather Colors, please put in Notes section at Checkout, and we can accommodate you as close as we can.* 

Type: Arrows

Vendor: Rose City Archery

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